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To Mr. Viji Weerasinghe, Magister Carissimus: A Right Royal Salute!

He is indeed, a rare bird of a very special genre. He is a true Royalist. Everyone, who has had the good fortune of associating with him, has learned to love and respect him, such as he would naturally command by his amiable personality and everything he stood for. His life has been, and still is, dedicated in a committed endeavour in the cause of his Alma Mater. His singular mission: to nurture and care for Her, who natured him and all of us and prepared us to tread that "path that leads to Man’s Estate".

Mr. Viji Weerasinghe, affectionately known as Viji, is the very epitome of all that is Royal: fully conscious of her hallowed traditions and history; conscious of how he himself has been steeped in these; conscious of what is expected of him in this milieu and translating such expectations into zealous endeavour. His association with Royal spans over sixty eight years, first as a student then, successively, as a marvellous teacher, a firm but benevolent administrator while in the saddle of Deputy Principal, and all the time as a Guru, to whom any of us could so easily turn for succour.

One of his great attributes was the remarkable ability to relate to people of every walk of life. In this he was helped by a deep understanding of human nature undoubtedly influenced by that Latin proverb that to adorn the panels of the College Hall which read: Home sum, humani a me nihil alienum puto (I am human, therefore I think nothing human alien to me). It was the same understanding that helped him to serve nine Principals at Royal with great acceptance and equanimity and, after retirement from service, a tenth Principal, while continuing in the saddle of Special Advisor to the Royal College Union.

A remarkable memory has further enabled him to endear himself to people. There’s no student at Royal, who went through him, whose name he couldn’t remember. Of course, one will remember, when one really cares. And Viji Weerasinghe really cared for his pupils, each and every one of them, with unmitigated concern oozing from his every pore. None could ever forget his great sense of humour either. He could diffuse a potentially tricky situation with a pithy, humorous turn of phrase.

Over the years he has grown like a massive Oak tree, whose sanguine branches has given, and continues to give, that essential shade to every Royalist, young and old, exuding vibrancy and a fragrance of veritable rectitude and integrity. For the unabated service rendered with such loving care to his Alma Mater Mr. Viji Weereasinghe will not only remain one of Her more distinguished old boys, certainly more distinguished than most, but also on of Her noble sons. Generations of Roaylists, all over the world will bow their heads in deep respect, honour and gratitude for all he has done, and continues to do, for them and for his school. A Right Royal Salute to the regal Magister Carissimus.

For none has borne that Torch with such devotion, so endearingly, and with a heart 'as sound as Oak', as this Noble Son has done!

Extracted from –ULK- Millennium Directory